Friday, January 23, 2009

(Subbed) Downtown - Trimming Nose Hair

Manzai is a very large part of Japanese comedy in that virtually every comedians start out as part of the "Manzai" duo. Manzai is basically two guys either doing skits, or giving a pre-rehearsed dialogue.

The manzai duo Downtown as I recall, was fresh back then because they didn't follow traditional "manzai" practices; no matched suits, or pre-rehearsed dialogue or I should say they made their dialogues look more "free style."

Here's another one I translated from Downtown. It's not a skit, but them just talking. Manzai style.

Watch D0wnT0wn G@ki no T$ukai Trimming No$3 H@ir  |  View More Free Videos Online at


  1. Manzai = (eng) Stand-up Comedy Duo

  2. I like! Thanks for sub and info. :)

  3. can't watch the video just because i'm in some fucking region, wtf

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