Wednesday, February 11, 2009

(Hospital 05) Morning Excercise

In this episode, there's a part where employees take part in a daily "morning exercise." This, technically should have been translated as "Radio exercise." But this just does not make sense here in the States. This "radio exercise" indeed does exist in Japanese culture where a recorded music(mainly the piano) along with commanding instructions telling you how to stretch would be played for the employees and/or students at work places and/or schools. There would be a leading person in front for people to follow . This exercise/stretching is universal throughout Japan thus, as long as there's more than two people with stereo, you can always bust out a "radio exercise" anywhere in Japan with total strangers. Cool!

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  1. Thanks For Subbing =)
    Another One. !

    Poor Yamazaki
    Nobody Will Switch
    With Him. =P

  2. thank you very much for subbing the batsu game

  3. Thank you very much for your translating effort! I love it and will come back daily! Please post more.

  4. this one got flagged.

    looks like all the new stuff is getting taken down by someone.

    I suggest you upload it with a completely different name like GNT or tag it with random words.

  5. or just not use youtube.

  6. Thanks for everyone's support.
    I need to look into other video hosting site.
    Anyone with any ideas, let me know.

  7. I Know A Few Places Where You Could
    Up Load Some Videos.

    You Could Try Those Maybe.

  8. thanks a lot for the subs!

    would love to see more from you

  9. Aw crap... I'm in one of the 300 blocked countries from veoh. D:

  10. the part with Yamasaki is the best from the Hospital batsu.
    Thanks so much.

  11. Could you upload all your videos on rapidshare or megaupload, so that we can donwload them, because those gaki videos are always deleted after a while (like on youtube). After downloading them I'm ready to put as many as possible on youtube (even creating multiple accounts in case they delete it), veoh, and other sites (giving you all the credit of course). Just to spread those subbed videos.
    Let me know ( is my email). I want to help spread those vids, so don't hesitate!
    PS: keep it up. It's great!!

  12. Rapidshare/Megaupload is not usable by all people around the world, and is also a huge hassle. You can download directly from Veoh, and you'll get an AVI file which can be further distributed on youtube.

  13. But then again, Veoh is not usable by around 300 countries... Isn't there a better place, like megavideo?

  14. hey shibatabread, good work.

    I read on Youtube that you didn't have the whole thing to sub, well I found the whole episode of the batsu game.

    It's on

    You click torrent tab, search hospital and you will find the dvdrip. The only issue is it 4hrs because its from the DVD and not the actual airing which can probably be found as well. I'm just saying its an option because I thought I read that you didn't have the full video.

    Thanks for the great subs.

  15. i couldn't stop giggling for at least 10 mins when yamazaki got slapped.
    im looking forward to the next part.
    thanks for the awesome subs and upload .
    you rock!

  16. Everytime Yamasaki gets in trouble with Chono it's

  17. Rapidshare/Megaupload is not usable by all people around the world, and is also a huge hassle. You can download directly from Veoh, and you'll get an AVI file which can be further distributed on youtube.

  18. or just not use youtube.

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