Wednesday, January 27, 2010

(Hotel 07) Wicked Wicky

Imagine for a minute, that you're a Japanese business man/woman who just escaped from your daily packed commuter train. You step outside of the station, catch a fresh air(it's all relative right?) and starts to walk, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, this guy sticks a microphone and says something like "Good morning, how are you? (in English of course.) Not only are you startled, but damn it, you have to get to work. Leave me alone!!!!!
Well, that is exactly what used to take place somewhere in Tokyo metro train stations from 1979 until 1994.
The man behind the microphone is Anton Wicky. He was born and raised in Sri Lanka but came to finish his college educations in Japan and later on became a professor as well as a small time celebrity. Anyway, this show was called "Wicky-san's One-point English Conversation" and it must have traumatised many Japanese business men and women alike to have to embarrass themselves in front of cameras. The funny part of the show is to witness some people just literally running away from Wicky-san. He was literally like Moses who can depart the sea of Japanese people in half.

Yes, Wicky-san caught you!

This song by Ayumi Nakamura was a giant hit in 1985-ish and it was a huge "blast from the past" moment for me when I finally realised who she was. Here's her singing the very same song,"Angel with broken wings" in the 80's. Nice bangs!

Special thanks to Alex for yet another awesome job.

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  6. i really thought hamada would get the vote from the survey but was still funny

  7. Survey is a definitely a nice add to Gaki :P
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  8. "Hamada-san... Because he's gross" was one of the most hilarious parts of this video, i also love the faces Tanaka makes each time he has to open the drawers, it gets me every time XD

    And we finally reached the parts with the dvds that are so funny in the next video, this one was quite hilarious too when i saw it on the full video.
    Thanks again for all your work Shibatabread, and many thanks Alex too

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  11. omg, i laughed a lot with this part. I was in the office working, and was a little boring, so i decided to see this vid. My boss and supervisor saw me watching the vid, and they liked gaki no tsukai!! :D grettings from Colombia.

  12. haha Wicky is awesome, so funny!

    Nakamura Ayumi is so great, man 80's Japanese music was pretty great. still surprised they havent put any of chiaiki's songs from back in the day.

    Thanks for all your efforts and always making our days enjoyable with gaki!

  13. whos the girl sings the angels with broekn wings?