Monday, February 15, 2010

Just a headsup

Most of you know that the Veoh has pretty much gone down the hill.
And it looks as though my account with them will soon to be terminated as well.

People have suggested some alternative video site for me and I appreciated that.
But in a meantime, I will just embed the videos via dreaded utube.

Pt.10 should be up shortly.



  1. I hope you can find a more reliable site to host your vids! Thanks for all the work you put into subbing stuff for us.

  2. i wish stage6 was still running then u could upload there

  3. You could upload on

  4. or

  5. why not make torrents out of them. So everyone can download them and I'm sure some will end up uploading them on video sites. So even if one account with all the episodes is down others will still be available... Just my thought (besides its always nice to have them saved on our pc)

  6. bittorrent is a great idea

  7. Bittorrent would be an absolutely abysmal and horrible idea.
    It's ok to do when the whole thing is finished (though rapidshare it would be the best idea of course), but not the 10 minutes segments FFS.

    I'd just stay with youtube.

  8. dreaded in deed...