Monday, March 1, 2010

(Hotel 14) You probably know more Japanese than you think

OK, first, there's this neat soda you can buy in Japan called "Ramune." Its carbonation is sealed by a marble at the top. The mable can be pushed down into the soda to release the carbonation. I know I'm making no sense. Here's a better explanation;

What I thought was neat in above Wiki article was that the word Ramune is phonetically derived from an English word "Lemonade." Another Japanese word that is phonetically derived from an English word is ワイシャツ or Y-shirt. It is believed that(I could be SO WRONG on this)when English told the Japanese it is a "White Shirt," to Japanese, it sounded like "Y-shirt." And the letter "Y" sort of resemble a shirt, so the word Y-shirt was stuck. And to this day, any dress shirt is Y-shirt in Japan.

As this blog is read by people from all over the globe. I thought I'd list some Japanese words that are derivatives of German, French, and Dutch.

From German(Lots of medical and scientific terms. Thanks Wiki)
Baumkuchen(personal favorite)

From French
pas de deux
choux à la crème
oh hisse

From Dutch
alcohol (!?)

OK, this is getting boring. Enjoy the clip.
Thank you, Alex.

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  1. The Concentration game at the end looks dangerous.

  2. Hooray for Shibata and Alex!!! They're a subbing machine!!! wicked part!!!

  3. Aye. Matsumoto's colors really show this clip. He's throwing his friends under the bus as fast as he can.

  4. W00t. Thanks for another upload!. I am so glad that you and Alex are working on these. I will continue to support you! You are da bestest!

    P.S. I would totally have sex with you just because I'm so happy.

  5. something to be learned from shibata and alex:

    give the people a unique and special experience and you will grow your own web community in no time! have u considered making a business here?

    thanks guys!

  6. Finally viewers are being mature without throwing around moronic phrases such as: "FAIL QUALITY" or "PUT UP THE NEXT VIDEO."

    Awesome as always ShibataBread2

  7. Wooo thank you!!! I ended up watching the rest of the show un-subbed but had to cut through some parts since they were dialogue heavy, or Jimmy parts which are always better subbed, and this looks like a really good batsu game this year, very funny unsubbed, can't wait to see the rest with subs.

    Keep up the great work!!

  8. Like I said in my last post, been hugely busy lately, so haven't had chance to comment here. While I have the time now though, just want to assure Pan San & Alex they are all being watched and enjoyed here. ;)

    Keep up the good work fellas, you've really hit your stride; I see your Youtube videos are getting 50,000+ views now (!).

  9. Hmmm, lemme say that some of the foreign words u posted are greek. Aspirin, Kaffein, Karte, Energie, Natrium, Kategorie and hysterie are greek terms. Most scientific terms are greek. Anyway, didn't mean to say anything against you, gj about the vid ;)

  10. The black man singing and Hamada choking with his glass of water because of Matsumoto gets me every time ! XD

    Awesome work as always Shibata and Alex, now it's nearly the end of the 1st dvd ^^

  11. as always, great job guys

    lovin the subbed vids and those lil factoids/explanations along with it lol

    keep it up

  12. YOU ARE AWESOME shibatabread
    I wait for these episodes :D

    Keep up the top work

  13. Alkohol

    are also german words :)

  14. Here a quick translation/guide for the Dutch words
    From Dutch
    alcohol (!?) (what's in beer, wiskey etc. same as in English)
    orgel (Only thing I can think of is an Organ, but I never seen anyone us this word for anything medical/scientific )
    dans (means 'a dance' or dancing as in I'm dancing, this as well is not used medical or scientific)
    bier (beer :P)
    hysterie (is a state of mind, mostly used in a negative sense)
    pomp ( is just a pump again no medical or scientific usage, unless you use it in medical or scientific environments)
    mes (Knive)

    Thanks for uploading part 14, keep up the good work =]

  15. wow ... you guys sub rediculously fast
    keep it up

  16. With every update i grow more and more excited and greatful for these links, and especially the time you put into explaining some of the jokes and references! Not only is this the longest (and probably most cruel) gaki no tsukai to date, giving more insight or back story makes so much difference!

    And that's not even mentioning how quickly you're subbing them (with thanks to alex too, the timing is perfect)
    Words cannot begin to express my gratitude, but i've certainly given it a go.

  17. Ramune is available stateside in a variety of places... i was in kansas the other day and i saw a few bottles of it in a supermarket... i see it a lot in new york specialty shops

  18. Yeah i seen someone drinking Ramune in Scotland of all places.
    You barely see fruit here, nevermind Japanese beverages!

  19. I would like to clarify that I didn't mean to say that these words are originated in these countries, but rather, each of these countries introduced above listed words to Japanese by means of tradings way back when. Please see more here for better explanations. Thank you all for your inputs.

  20. thanks a lot for that link! very interesting stuff there!

    and ofc a big thx to you and alex for putting the next part out so fast, with that well known quality - very good job

    (finally i know what they say at the speaker-part xD)

  21. i've lurked around for awhile now, but I think its due time I offer my thanks to you and Alex. :)

    THANKS HEAPS!!!!!!!

    There. :)

    P.S. do ignore the people who come up after each new post and demand the next episode to be up NAO. douchebags. haha.

  22. THX Keep up the good work

  23. I think I already posted a thank you here for this vid, but figured I'd comment on the ramune.

    There is a place in the local mall here that sells ramune by the case, 6 pack or individually. They also have these awesome Hi-chew candies.

    Although had a lot more stuff that was available when I was living in California with Little Tokyo being a 25 min drive (3 hours in traffic >,<)

  24. waiting for next part ^_^

  25. just put up the videos..dont waste time typing out bullshit when u can upload videos

  26. ^ you're not the one uploading or subbing so why don't you just stfu?

  27. ^ what he said. you guys are doing all of us quit a favor subbing these vids and I for one appreciate your effort. scr3w the trolls.

  28. Hey Shibatabread, may I just say that I am a long time fan of Gaki and of your blog... There's nothing like coming home at the end of the day and finding out that you subbed a new segment of GNT. Anyways in regard to the above explanation you made on European language influencing Japanese, I think you left out Portuguese. They were the first Europeans in Japan, and gave them such words like pan (bread), tempura, etc. and the word Japan which was there mishearing of Nippon. Its on Wikipedia if you want to read more.

  29. shittt...
    copyright shit!!!

  30. oh no! youtube took the gaki hotel man vids. =(
    how did they find out?

  31. You should just upload everything to megaupload in .rar's and bogus file names and give us the links here...
    Thank you for your hard work.

  32. Screw youtube for copyrights!

  33. First of all thanks for the hard work. Second, since the copyright issue has come up you can use megavideo or even better, use one of the DivX sites up there like divxstage or stagevu if you still feel like providing us with your awesome fix of gaki no tsukai.

  34. hey man, they closed your youtube account....wat now??

  35. please, i really need to know what happen in part 14 since bloody copyright issue has took place...

  36. Too late. His account was suspended.

  37. Because of YouTube's layout redesign and the replacement of 5 star rating system for like/dislike button, that copyright organization is starting to track his account's videos.

  38. Shibatabread, outo

  39. Aaaaa Shibata, they erased your account!!
    But hey: Thank you for all the subs I watched
    I really appreciate it, hope you find an answer
    soon! XX Shibata Rules

  40. ^Smacks Shibatabread in the butt with a stick.

    But it's really sad that Youtube suspended Shibatabread's account.

  41. Smacks Youtube in the butt with a stick 2010 times...

    Youtube is really annoying for suspending Shibatabread!!!

  42. Well, i guess the best way on youtube is to make the videos completely invisible. No adding tags of any kind, not using the name "Gaki no Tsukai", blocking comments and favorites or any kind of like or dislike functions, i know it sucks for him because its nice to see all the comments on it, good or bad. But hey, everyone had time already to add your page on their bookmarks, right? Making an invisible video on youtube and linking here could be an option, no?

    Anyway, sorry to hear that, but like you said on the other times they blocked you, don't give up, please.

  43. i hate youtube! i hope you can find a better site that doesn't have copyright issues. i only visit youtube just to check your latest GNT uploads. so freaking SAD :(



    Thanks for all your hard work! We definitely appreciate it!

    I'm going to open a twitter account just so that i can follow you

  45. "alcohol" is actually from the arabic word "al-kuhul"

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