Saturday, May 8, 2010

Help me with new logo!

Hi all.
I'm asking for those with creative juices with some time to spare to come up with a modified logo/avator for my podcast.

But if you have a completely new idea, I'm all ears (or eyes) too.

Please submit your idea with anything you want me to promote(your websites and such) to:

Sorry but there's no monetary prize.

Thank you in advance,


  1. how about something bread-shaped?

  2. excuse me when are you gonna release the subfiles? i haven't seen this yet and i was planning to watch this all in one go with a friend before he has surgery, thanks in advance

  3. how about a S print on a bread

  4. thanks for all the hard work shibata, alex and mrs. shibata. sorry, i'm not good with logos and stuff but i hope you'll find a good one soon. =)

  5. a bread that says Shibata on it haha :`3

    oh i had a request/idea for your podcast. You should take a poll of which Gaki No Tsukai member is everyones favorite. It`s something i`ve been wondering for a while xP

    ...of course all the members are equally awesome in their own way ^^

  6. an 'S' logo on a bread sounds right...but because ur awesome, a superman type S would totally make sense, hehe
    can u do the newspaper series too? i cant find a good version on youtube

  7. it should look like an 'S' written like it was a Japanese-looking character then photoshop a picture of Jimmy so it would look like a tattoo. hahaha. but really I think it should look fun and crazy like the 'Downtown' logo. thanks again mr and mrs shibata and alex

  8. >Anon:
    "can u do the newspaper series too? i cant find a good version on youtube"

    >>> <<<

    There you go Anon for your Newspaper batsu game, feel free to search this great website for other batsu games as well.

  9. Ah, my masterpiece is finished at last. After a whole 2 minutes of inspired genius and creativity, I present to you (drum roll please)...

    ...What? Don't look at me like that. It's made with real ciabatta. Yours to do with as you please...use, not use, be inspired by...or not. :P

    Might have a go at a proper one later, if I have time. ;)

  10. hey can you sub haunted hotel of matsamuto? someone post it on youtube but the sub are not complete :(.. thnx.. im just suggesting video that are funny to watch with subs.

  11. These videos have kept my humor throughout some trying times. So in a small way I thought I would try to give you something in return. You are free to use it if you want.

  12. sweet~ im in! any themes in particular? bread? lol XD