Saturday, May 29, 2010

(Yes, ShibataBread is Japanese Podcast 02) Dude, where's my Nama Bii-ru ?

Enjoy another podcast where you can eavesdrop on me and my wifes' argument over how the dog bark should sound.

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Following should help you with this week's lesson:

(Noun) + wa doko
Where is (noun)?
The following phrase is definitely more formal and polite but asking the same question.
(Noun) + wa doko desu ka
Where is (noun)?

ATM (ee-tii-emu) wa doko desu ka
ATM はどこですか。
Where is ATM?

Mō ichido (one-gai-shi-masu)
もう一度 (お願いします。) (Please) say it again

I will go over these nouns on next podcast.
* Train Station – Eki

* Subway – Chika-tetsu

* Taxi – Takushi

* Train – Densha

* Bathroom – Toire

Head to the 居酒屋(iza ka ya)(Japanese-style Bar and Grill) and have 生ビール(nama bii ru)(Draft Beer)

(nama) Draft Beer                                               
(dai) Large                  
(chū) Medium
(shō) Small

ひとつ(hito tsu) One
ふたつ(futa tsu) Two
みっつ(mittsu) Three


  1. Looks like a darn good home meal.

  2. I think regarding the woof woof - the more casual english speakers don't actually bite the lower lip to pronounce the "f" but just have their lower lip close to the top teeth which is definitely possible for a dog! I agree with the wife.

  3. Sorry ShibataBread--I am with the wife on this one. Juan Juan? Nope they go woof woof or ruff ruff or GROWL!

    When I was in Japan I had to ask for places by name. They did not understand the maps because it was too complicated. I just told them the name of where I needed to go!

    I understood you just fine as I had three Senseis. One from Hakone, one from Tokyo and one from Kansai!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. In the Gaki no Tsukai series, I always heard ich, ni, san, na (I don't know if I spelled them correctly) and thought they meant one, two, three, four. Which is correct?

  5. To Anonymous: I apologize for the confusion, but you're absolutely right about counting in Japanese is like "Ichi Nii San Shii...." But Japanese differentiate the way they count depending on what they're counting.
    I will go over that in the next lesson.

    Thanks for listening.

  6. Been watching these for a while now. Got stationed in Japan a couple months ago, loving it here. Keep up the good work, I can share pictures of northern Japan if the readers of your blog are interested.

  7. Strangely enough, in spanish (Im from Uruguay!) the dogs roar like: "Guau!" but there is also "Arf!", I think wan wan sounds cute :3 but Shibata's right about that the dogs cant pronnunce the F sound.

    I really like the podcast! Keep the nice job!

  8. From the person asking about Japanese numbers:

    Soudesuka. Domo arigato Sensei Shibatasan. Also, domo arigato both you and your wife for giving up some your time conducting these podcasts. Ijyoudesu.

  9. You got a point with the 'f' sound in a dog's bark, so I am going with your argument. I, however, am not entirely convinced in either culture's word choice for a dog's bark. Have you ever heard of "bow wow"? It sounds even worse! Who in the world came up with these word choices?

  10. i didn't listen to your podcast but i this message is very important. half of your hotel batsu videos are gone. OH NOOO!!! your youtube account is in the process of being deleted ...AGAIN! make a new youtube account NOW!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!...LET THE ALMIGHTY SHIBATABREAD LIVE. PLEASE DON'T DIE. GOD ALMIGHTY, PLEASE DON'T DIE.