Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ShibataBread Podcast now on iTunes

We love reading all of your comments. Thank you.
New episode should be up before this week is over.

We'd appreciate if you can leave comments on the iTunes in a meantime:

ShibataBread Podcast on iTunes

OK, I'm out. But not as in OUT and get my butt slapped.


  1. Subscribed, looking forward to listening to this on the subway.

  2. yeah, man. everything sounds good.

  3. at least now we don't have to worry about idiots complaining about how bad the upload quality on youtube is. Keep it up, Shibata, your podcasts are entertaining.

  4. Subscribing right now.

  5. WOO! Heaps excited for the rest of your podcasts!

  6. Dont lie shiba. you know ur getting butt slapped by ur wife at this very moment. AND YOU LIKE IT!!!! hehe...

  7. have you thought of subbing the matsumoto sports chousen DVD? or the manzai DVD?

  8. Quick question: which program do you use to record your podcasts?

  9. To MinorInfection: I use Ableton Live to record our podcast. Thanks.

  10. Do you know how to subscribe to the podcast if you haven't itunes?

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