Monday, June 7, 2010

(Yes, ShibataBread is Japanese Podcast 03) Dirty job

We have finally picked the logo for the podcast show.
A big thank you and congrats go out to the man (or woman) named "H"

Of course, just as big thank you goes out to everyone who submitted their ideas. They are now like my children.

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Following write up should ease your podcast listening pains.

Lesson 03
Let us review:
(noun) + wa doko
(noun) + wa dokodesuka

(Noun) can be any of the followings:

* Train Station – Eki, 駅、えき

* Subway – Chika-tetsu、地下鉄、ちかてつ

* Taxi – Takushi、タクシー

* Train – Densha、電車、でんしゃ

* Bathroom – Toire、トイレ

Some of the phrases you want to keep your ears open for:

Just ahead - Konosaki、この先、このさき
Go straight - Massugu、まっすぐ
Right - Migi、右、みぎ
Left - Hidari、左、ひだり
To turn - Magaru、まがる
In front of - no Mae、の前

Many of you are familiar with counting in Japanese “Ichi, Nii, San, Shii, Go, Roku....etc”

Two system of counting:
1. “Counter” system or “Unit” system where specific “unit” is added to the above counting “Ichi, Nii, San”
For example, "Three dogs" would be 三匹 or さんびき or San Biki where Biki indicates an animal. Let me confuse you even more, the reading of Biki changes to Hiki when you're counting two, four, five, seven, and nine as in Nii Hiki, Yon Hiki, Go Hiki and so on. Anyhow, there are counters for virtually anything; people; animals; books/magazines; clothing; planes; houses; small boats; large ships

2. More generic ones we discussed on Podcast Lesson 02: “Hitotsu, Futatsu, Mittsu, Yottsu, Itsutsu, Muttsu," which works majority of times in counting anything. And let me tell you, knowing the "Hitotsu, Futatsu and etc," will automatically brands you as One-step-above-other-Gaijin.


  1. Awesome as always! Thanks guys!

  2. is it too late to submit a logo?

  3. Question: is it possible if you can translate Hama-chan 24 hour Nitterre or Yamasaki's Hitori Bocchino piano concert? Instead of Haunted Hotel because somebody already subbed them on youtube.

  4. (Question)Why does it seem that audience of the gaki show is fill with only girls?

  5. Another great podcast! It seems like you're focusing the podcasts on learning Japanese and Japanese culture, where as I thought it was originally going to be about a little bit of everything. I submitted a question after the 1st podcast and was hoping to hear your read it and answer it the following week. Not so much to HEAR the answer, but moreso to hear you say my username again which I got a good laugh out of the first time. Anyway, if you could answer this either in writing or on your next podcast, I'd appreciate it. I stumbled upon your site after discovering Gaki a few years ago, so that's where my real obsession lies!


    Original Question:

    PubeHeadTed said...
    Great Podcast!

    Question - In the clips I've seen where the guys are walking the streets, nobody ever comes up to them to talk to them or ask for a picture or autograph. In the US, it would be quite common for fans to approach a celebrity on the street and say hi or ask for a picture or autograph. Is it just culturally different where celebrities get left alone? I guess a question that should also be asked is just how popular are these guys? Are they instantly recognizable by everyone?
    May 21, 2010 8:39 AM

  6. i really liked the segment about the different animal sounds. i think it would be a good segment to make a podcast discussing other animals too.

  7. Thank you everyone.
    My wife and I agree that we need to trim down on the lesson a little more.
    Stay tuned for more segment on our upcoming ones.

  8. can u please upload no laughing Newspaper agency? youtube deleted all of the videos...

    can u please upload at veoh?

  9. To whom this may concern.
    I will not upload Batsu Game Newspaper agency videos because I don't have them nor did I sub them.
    I can and only will upload what I have worked on.

  10. wait a sec. i've seen a video about a prank show in japan where they raise the platform inside the port-o-potty, how come on those toilets you have to sit facing it? im not sure if that's really common there or what.

  11. u went over 30mins shibata, anyways please teach how on how to get a girl from jappan! like a word that will make someone laugh

  12. So if the directions are like "Turn left at the second convenience store, then you should be able to see it", would


    be correct?

  13. To Espen:
    To be more accurate, it would sound(look) more like this:

  14. Post pictures of yourselves!