Friday, August 27, 2010

(Yes, ShibataBread is Japanese Podcast 10) But I'm also an American

There's nothing to be afraid of these finely dressed taxi drivers in Japan unless you just realized that you don't have enough dough for the ride. Also, ShibataBread tells another chillin' story told by a taxi driver. But most importantly, ShibataBread and his wife prove that there's indeed a "F-word" in Japan.

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Following might help you ease the listening pain:

Japanese Lesson

Let's catch a taxi in Japan

ここまで(お願いします) koko made (onegaishimasu)

koko can be replaced with specific site (roppongi, asakusa, gojira, gumdam)

Key word is “Made” (to ~)

Taxi driver will answer by "Hai" (yes sir)

And If you remember the previous lesson, you can reply to "Hai" by saying “Yoroshiku” to be the cooler-gaijin!
See how it's made here 


  1. yes, u should start a show in youtube, ill be your first subscriber for sure!

  2. Hi shibata I know you said that you want to avoid translating long videos but there is one No laughing video that hastn been subbed completly an that is Gaki no Tsukai Onsen 2 Batsu i know Alex was doing it but he hasnt done anything since last year and I was hoping maybe you could do something about that ? By the way great Podcast this week :)

  3. Great podcast as always shibatabread + wife!
    Thanks again for answering my question :)

    Maybe you could give some information when arriving at a japanese hotel; how to check in, do you need to give a tip, etc.

    Looking forward to next week!

  4. for the onomatopoeia part, how about you tell us how they reference sleep or sleeping over there. like over here in the states its "ZzzzZZZzZz" or slightly making a "Z" sound. which now that i think about it, makes me wonder why we use the Z's over here to begin with.

    as always a million thanks for everything!