Monday, September 6, 2010

(Yes, ShibataBread is Japanese Podcast 11) What's wrong with Japanese folklore?

ShibataBread and his wife discuss about the Japanese folklore creature, "Kappa" and how it's destroying the innocent youth' mind. And ShibataBread is thinking about selling his own brand of bread. Stay tuned.

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Japanese Lesson
From Wiki:
Mottainai (もったいない, 勿体無い) is a Japanese term meaning "a sense of regret concerning waste when the intrinsic value of an object or resource is not properly utilized." The expression "Mottainai!" can be uttered alone as an exclamation when something useful, such as food or time, is wasted. In addition to its primary sense of "wasteful," the word is also used to mean "impious; irreverent" or "more than one deserves."
-Buddhist philosophy, originated in Japan./

-Kenyan environmentalist, Wangari Maathai, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004, has promoted the concept of mottainai as a term that is roughly equivalent to the English phrase "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." The term is more closely equivalent to the English phrase "What a waste"
If you're brave enough to read about this nutty creature, here's a good read


  1. The Kappa bit was interesting n quite funny. i google imaged "japanese Kappa" to see how it looked. and its funny because some versions look so innocent. But then when Shiba-san gives his version of Kappa going up your butt, reaching your tongue. thats quite disturbing but hilarious. i wonder if most of the japanese are familiar with that particular history of it.

    but anyways, Thanks!

  2. Great podcast as always, really fun stuff and useful info. The "don't poop on my house!" of the kappa was hilarious. ^^
    I also heard a story where the kappa would grab you in the water and shove his hand in your butt to steal you some sort of 'magic diamond' in it, and if he succeeded you wouldn't be able to float in the water anymore, funny story too.

    how about a 'fuwa fuwa' onomatopia on your next podcast ?

  3. I just remembered that "interesting" japanese prank called Kancho after reading the Kapa article.
    And thanks for another nice podcast.

  4. Thanks for the cast,
    Is there any good comedy shows/standup on youtube you recomend?

  5. A word about ShibataBread's own brand of bread. The baking contract will likely be awarded to ShibataBread subsidiary Skylark Bakery. Also if bread captures market share ShibataBread considering own brand of cinnamon rolls. Would like ShibataBread and spouse to comment in next podcast.

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