Friday, October 15, 2010

(Yes, ShibataBread is Japanese Podcast 12) Don't be a Tengu

We're back with vengence.
Thanks everyone again for their encouraging words and other wisdoms.

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Japanese Lesson:

しょうがない Shouganai (関東 kantou, or Tokyo area)

しゃーない Sha-nai(関西 kansai, or Osaka area)
Shoganai is the equivalent of c'est la vie, but with an important difference: where c'est la vie and its foreign variants focus on external circumstances, shoganai focuses on the inability of the actor to change those circumstances. - Barry Eisler


Guu Guu - stomache growling
Peko peko - stomach is empty

Have appetite in autumn - 食欲の秋 “Shokuyoku no Aki” - Many seasonal fruits and foods becomes available around autumn in Japan: 

みかん Mikan(tangerine)

りんご Ringo(apple)
ぶどう Budou(grapes) 
松茸 Matsutake (mushroom) 
栗 kuri (chestnuts)

Here's more about Tengu


  1. awesome job guys. good to see you back on the podcast. here's a question, in the Gaki Pizza videos, what does "Itadakmasu" mean?

  2. @lucky13jessie

    Is kind of what you say before you eat a meal, symbolising thanks for being given it. It's derived from the humble polite form (謙譲語) for to either eat/drink/receive (食べる・飲む・もらう)

    Also, congrats on making a come back.

  3. @Kushieda

    thanks for the explanation.

  4. Good to have you guys back! Awesome podcast! The end made me laugh! "In a cupple weeks my dads coming over to the states...... Shouganai" hahaha!

  5. Great new podcast! Glad to see that you are back!

    I've got a small question, do Japanese people still eat rice for breakfast, or do they nowadays eat bread?

    With my small knowledge of Japanese, I think that rice is 'gohan' and breakfast is 'asagohan'
    Do bread-eaters in japan say 'asapan' lol?

  6. at one of the gaki nights we had here at my house. we did the Kiki Series. we all made cupcakes. i made spicy cupcakes made of habanero sauce & peppers, as well as serano peppers. a friend made cupcakes that had olives, sausage, weenie chunks, cheese, and sardines. another made cupcakes that had beans, sour cream, cheese, jalapenos and fajita meat. the others made decent normal cupcakes.

    some words of advice. don't play this game... the idea sounds good on paper and is funny to watch the Gaki crew do it, but when you don't get paid for it and do it just for fun, you pretty much just end up throwing up and being grossed out. its funny looking back at it now tho.

    the whole pizza theme reminded me of that night. but anyways, great to have you two back! i'm gona end up buying a coffee mug by the way.

  7. Hi Shibata.
    I was wondering if you could tell us more in general about the Yokai's, like.. the different types, maybe if there were any specific yokai leaders or of some sort, Also who the usual yokais are presented at Temples and festivals.

  8. wooo! welcome back!

    can you do a segment on Japanese high schools? maybe its just me, but going to a Japanese high school might be somewhat of a culture shock to an American high schooler like myself.

  9. I have never listened to your podcasts until today, but within the first few minutes I hear talk of Japanese lessons and scary stories. That's my daily agenda. I will be listening from now on. haha.

  10. it would be awesome if u subbed this one!?
    can't understand what thay are saying but I laught my ass of anyways :O hehe

    greetings from sweden :D

  11. is sha-nai and shouganai the same as shikata ga nai?