Wednesday, November 17, 2010

(Yes, ShibataBread is Japanese 15) ShibataBread bakes Gohan Desuyo Pizza

I just wanted to share my experience of baking an actual Gohan Desuyo Pizza at home.


  1. I like Gohan Desuyo on hot rice with raw tomato.

    "It was gluten free." hehe

  2. Is this the cat heard in the podcasts? Ahaha. Very cute. :3
    I was going to try it, but I live in Mississippi and as you can imagine, there are no Japanese stores here. I wasn't feeling like waiting for it to ship just to try it on pizza. hahaha.
    However, I have been trying lots of Japanese sweets and candies, and they have been great. ^-^
    Every Burger is my new favourite. haha.

  3. Well I'll be going to Japan this summer so maybe I should try it sometimes...I think the gohan desuyo pizza had a high score becuz it suits the Japanese taste...and I hate some japanese food cuz they taste weird hahaha

  4. I really want to try too!! :S
    yeah it got a perfect 10 probably because of the previous even lousier pizza

  5. i think its good to be brave with a pizza
    but that cat looked too keen i have never seen a cat so interested they usually act like they dont care but stick around non the less

  6. Nice little video ! =)

  7. Thanks to all.
    We will try some other dish and perhaps have our friends try them.