Monday, March 21, 2011

(Episode 24) 頑張れ日本!Sendai Edition 仙台版

By Mrs. ShibataBread
We have been thinking non-stop about the people in Japan who are going through some really tough times. We hope that food, water, supplies and shelter come quickly to people who are still without these items. And we hope Tokyo Electric can bring the Fukushima nuclear power plant under control soon.

We didn't know much about Sendai, the coastal city severely impacted by the tsunami. So we decided to dedicate Episode 24 to learning more about the area. Don't miss hearing about:

1. Meibutsu of Sendai -仙台名物

2. Tanabata Festival - 七夕祭り romantic!

3. Touhoku Ben - 東北弁 the area's local dialect


  1. Thankyou >.<
    keep up the good work!!

  2. my heart goes out to ppl affected in sendai

  3. Osaka Ben makes the Japanese language fun!

  4. its good to hear from you again, shibatabread.

  5. Thanks, Shibatabread and the Missus. At first, I read "sentai" instead of "Sendai" so I thought you were going to talk about that genre.