Monday, April 4, 2011

(Subbed) Drunken Momotaro Theater

桃太郎 Momotaro, or Peach Boy, is a famous Japanese folklore hero. A word "Momo 桃" means "peach" and a word "Taro 太郎" used to be a common boy's name.
You can find a cool interactive Momotaro story here.

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The millet dumplings that appear in the story are called きびだんご kibidango (millet cakes). These are made like mochi (rice cakes) but instead of rice they use millet. They were really soft and covered with kinako (powdered soy bean).

焼酎 Soju is a clear, distilled alcoholic beverage manufactured in Korea. Soju has been around for many centuries and remains one of the most popular Asian alcohols, especially in South Korea.

Witness and enjoy Gaki members reenact this classic Japanese folklore tale.

(Subbed) GNT Drunk Momotaro Theater 01 by ShibataBread

(Subbed) GNT Drunk Momotaro Theater 02 by ShibataBread


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  1. Oh thank you so much Shibata! I was wondering when i saw it long time ago if anyone would plan to do it in the future since this one is such a great episode to see.
    Seeing the Gaki crew get so wasted by drinking all this is priceless, especially Matsumoto who was hilarious to see, and although i understood a great part of it i still needed the little extra i couldn't make out to fully appreciate it so much appreciated as always.

  2. Could you please provide a download link so i can watch those without streaming?
    Thanks a lot for the subs. Love your blog.

  3. That was hilarious!

  4. Matsumoto-san is eerily quiet when drunk o_o

  5. This was awesome, thanks alot of subbing :D

  6. Holy crap was this great.
    Tanaka was fucking wasted ! lol
    Watch Endo pouring his drink at 17:55. haha
    I think Matsumoto was just playing around and didn't drink that much.

    Thank you SO much for subbing this !
    This was one of the funniest GnT-related things I've ever seen, so damn funny.

  7. When I began studying Japanese last year, the first thing we did after basic hiragana was Momotaro. A six verse song I think? One of the verses was in that play atleast. Maybe there was more to it but thats all we ever got before moving on...

  8. Thanks a lot Shibata-san ! it's like a present made for us ,again ,thank you

  9. The standalone sketches like this are some of my all-time favorite clips. Some of the No-Laughing specials take some time to get into and can be difficult to show people who aren't already familiar with the format of the show. Segments like this, Ki-Ki Curry and Absolutely Tasty are a great alternative to introduce someone to Downtown!

  10. Thanks for this! I remember watching this awhile ago on YT without subs. Happy to watch it again with better comprehension!

  11. I was hoping someone will sub this because it looked sooo funny! Thank you so much! You made my day!

  12. that was so awesome! thank u so much for this! :):):)

  13. Aww man that was great, Hamada looks like he would be a fun drunk to hang around with XD

  14. × Soju
    ○ Shōchū

    It writes because it was anxious.

  15. Thank you shibattabraed :D

  16. Yakarin The Lone WolfNovember 9, 2011 at 5:53 AM

    Thank you sooo much for translating this one, I agree with Paul, this sketches are some of their best material!

    I loved how Downtown started laughing so naturally at/with each other about everything

  17. Man seeing Tanaka stumble onto the stage was just the funniest.

  18. At the beginning of the play they should have used the Batsu sound but with a slight adjustment:

    * BADAAM* "Matsumoto passed outo!"

  19. Arthur Miller said, "My feeling is that people in a group, en masse, watching something, react differently and perhaps more profoundly than they do in their living rooms".

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