Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(Episode 28) - One Year Anniversary Show!

Don't miss our "Year in Review" episode!
As we reminisce about past shows, we'll tell you which segments we enjoy doing the most. We'll also reference things in the podcast we don't like as much. Also listen for our "Best Episode of the Year" (in our opinion) announcement.

Keeping with tradition, you'll also learn a useful Japanese phrase just in time for summer!!

For those who missed an episode 25 through 27, please see SB Podcasts

SB Videocast 28 - One Year Anniversary from ShibataBread Video Cast on Vimeo.
Audio version is here

Japanese Lesson:

Check out the following 3 ways to use "暑い" and "熱い" (both pronounced "atsui"):

1. 暑い Atsui - Hot (temperature)

You: 暑いですね Atsui desu ne (It's hot, isn't it?)

Friend: はい、暑いですね (Yeah, it's hot.)

2. 熱い Atsui - Hot (to the touch/to taste)

You: (after eating scalding hot soup) あつっ!Atsu! (drop the "i" at the end)

あついぞ、こら!Atsuizo, kora!


3. 熱い Atsui - (something popular, passionate, trendy)


  1. congrats on the one year anniversary! good job on everything!

  2. Congratulations on one year anniversary! May we have many of those to come :)


  3. My life is almost complete now that I've seen your face.

    This actually looks way more professional now.

  4. yep much better now that u showed ur face! more please