Wednesday, February 29, 2012

(Subbed) Sloth

One of the famous superstitions in Japan is 獅子の子落とし - "Dropping your children into the ravine" - referring to the lion shoving their cubs into the ravine and will only raise the ones that make their way up. It suggests to any parents that if you want your child to grow up strong and competent, sometimes you have to let your children make mistakes or show them hardships.

At any case, here's a news about the lion mom actually rescuing the cub.



  1. thanks so much for doing the downtown talks! i feel they are under appreciated and its always a treat to see this. made my week better, thanks.

  2. Thanks for subbing !

  3. Lol, fabulous! I wish I could take a look inside Matsumoto's mind. Guessing it's an labyrinth of craziness ^_^

  4. Hahahaha, too cute XD Thanks, shibatabread!