Monday, April 23, 2012

(Subbed) Fun with Exercise Balls - Tougher Than It Looks

Here's a clip which probably doesn't need the subs but hey, that's how we do it here at the SB Headquarter.
Speaking of exercise ball, do any of you use this at the gym for anything? If so, let me know how you use it.
Thanks! (This sounds more like Facebook posting...Oh well, the time has changed...)


  1. Audio is off for me.

    I don't like doing crunches for ab work outs as I read they're not very good for your spine. So I started doing an exercise last week called stirring the pot with the exercise ball. Seems pretty effective.

  2. I'm really starting to like Otake and Mimura, but I don't find a lot of their stuff outside of Lincoln, and there they're not really doing manzai. Thanks for the clip.

  3. I rewatched it like 6 times and I STILL don't know how he (dude in blue) did that epic move

  4. Physics!!!

    Thanks for subbing this! Otake and Mimura are growing on me, too

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