Saturday, June 23, 2012

(Subbed) Create the Yonkoma Manga with Celebrities

This show features four celebrities who compete in making their drawing, chosen by the host Hamada, to be the part of 4-cells manga piece.
Do you recognize the girl in this show? Her name is Shoko Nakagawa who appeared as a host in the "Urban Legend - My Neighbor Totoro" which I worked on a while back here.

(From Wikipedia) 4コマ漫画 Yonkoma manga ("four cell manga", or 4-koma for short), a comic-strip format, generally consists of gag comic stripswithin four panels of equal size ordered from top to bottom. (They also sometimes run right-to-left horizontally or use a hybrid 2x2 style, depending on the layout requirements of the publication in which they appear.) Though the word yonkoma comes from the Japanese, the style also exists outside of Japan in other Asian countries as well as in the English-speaking market.

Yonkoma can be found in many publications including manga magazines and newspapers throughout Japan. Traditionally the Yonkoma follows the certain format: Setup - Development - Climax - Conclusion. However, I have noticed there's been a trend in not following that format. And I've found some to be completely odd and strange. If you've been following my Facebook Page you have seen an old classic Yonkaoma such as "Kobo-chan"recreated into an obscure pieces.


(Subbed) Create the Yonkoma Manga with... by ShibataBread


  1. these are great shibata! i cant believe that i have never noticed yonkoma before. please keep em coming!

  2. This is awesome! Soo funny, especially on Shoko's second panel and Matsumoto follow up. 

    I wonder if there is more of this subbed? I'm mainly interested to watch the whole show. :)

  3. I don't understand why they are on all fours. Is that what yonkoma means? I thought yonkoma meant 4-frame story.

  4.  I completely second this comment. The second (or actually the first?) one that could be glimpsed in the end was simple enough to be enjoyed without subs (I really laughed for Matsumoto's final panel suggestion).

  5. what is the name of the show or special?
    I am interested in the yonkoma in the beginning more.

  6. i think you're just reading too much into it. the first panel appears to be someone  stepping onto the school campus, but the joke in the second panel is that the teacher is actually some crazy guy who wears geta on his hands too, and that the first panel is actually showing his hands, not his feet.

  7. Man, I haven't been up to date with DownTown stuff for many months, glad to see you're still subbin !
    I'm not sure if you've done this recently, but please drop the "san" after the names.

  8. its already august man, you gonna release something soon?

  9. Omg this show is hilarious please sub more of these if you can!!