Saturday, April 6, 2013

(Subbed) Tetsujin Tiger Seven

Not all the Superhero shows were successful back in 70's. To be fair though, there were more than two dozen superhero shows produced between 1972 and 1973. Here's a show that only ran for a season called the "Tetsujin Tiger Seven"- 鉄人タイガーセブン. The production team must have felt pretty confident following the final season of a pretty successful show called "Kaiketsu Lion Maru- 快傑ライオン丸. There were three major differences between the two shows;
  1. Main character's head is changed from lion to tiger.
  2. Ride of choice is changed from a horse to the motorcycle.
  3. Period piece to a modern age.
Though the show was not embraced among kids, its legacy lives on as one of the more daring shows today. Here are some of the examples of innovative and carefree writing;
  1. As the main character morphs into Tiger Seven, he abandons his motorcycle, which goes on to run over a small child.
  2. A villain from "lost continent" befriends a little girl and dies together as they hold hands.
  3. Tiger Seven puts on his "special glove," but finishes the villain with his kick.
The show deserves a come-back.

Enjoy the short clip.


  1. 1st, thanks as always for ur time and subs. 2nd, as im typing this i havent even seen this clip yet, only read the description. and i'm laughing just at reading the carefree examples. #3 reminds me of aho aho man.

    again. thanks to you and yours!

    1. Thank you, Ezoghoul!!
      You're one of the old faithful, and I appreciate your comments any time!



  2. ''1 - As the main character morphs into Tiger Seven, he abandons his motorcycle, which goes on to run over a small child.''

    That description, too funny. I was expecting that you had subbed something around that, but still that was fun. Good to see your still around subbing a few things, I hope your job is treating you well(Read your post about it on FB quite a while ago), and really nice to see you sub out a few things even if they are little.

    Thank you.


  3. Can you please reupload the "Celebrities Who Cannot Draw" video? It was taken down.

  4. Hi, I'm really keen on finding some Tiger 7 sub files, but all my boolean skills have yielded naught. Would you have any tips?