Sunday, July 27, 2014

(Subbed) Gaki No Tsukai - Low Budget Episode edited by legendary producer Suga

The legendary Gaki producer, Suga gives his best(?) shot at editing the otherwise a boring footage of Gaki members just hanging out.

Subbed video can be downloaded here
Subtitle file is here
It's also on Dailymotion. See below.

(Subbed) Gaki No Tsukai - Low Budget Episode by ShibataBread


  1. Honestly one of the funniest Gaki no Tsukai vids I've seen. Thanks!

  2. Great episode! I loved the part when Yamasaki thought the Omu-rice was Mt.Fuji. Thank you for subbing this video Mr.ShibataBread! Really appreciate your hard work.

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  4. video length 13:37 k

  5. May I ask what episode number is this from? Thanks.

  6. The best punchline was with Endo haha. Ones who have watched Policeman batsu will recognize it.

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