Tuesday, July 8, 2014

(Subbed) Gobu Gobu - Hamada's Favorite Stuff in Osaka 3/4

The comedy duo, License (if you're a fan of Gaki-no-tsukai, you've most likely seen them) is on the mission to find the curry that Atsushi can finish eating, which is probably impossible given the Atsushi's sensitivity to anything spicy.


Please download the sub file here
The corresponding video is here

How to watch video with the sub file
1. Download the sub file.
2. Use Firefox plugin 1-Click Youtube Video Download to download the video.
3. Change the video file name to match the sub file name. Make sure both sub file and the video file are in the same directory.
4. Use a player like VLC to watch the subbed video. Enjoy.

How to watch video with sub without downloading the video
1. Open VLC and go to Media>Open Network Stream.
2. Copy and paste youtube link onto it, then press play.
3. Download the subtitles, then drag and drop them into the video playing on VLC


  1. Quick and Awesome... Thanks so much for all the subs you've provided so far. Is there any chance for a re-upload of Ametalk - Celebrities Who Cannot Draw, hardsubs or softsubs, I'll accept any as long as you've got them. Also it's great to see you active once again, thanks for everything.

  2. Thank you, J-Hive! Please see the "Recently Updated Oldies" located on the upper left and find the episode "Celebrities Who Cannot Draw".

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  5. Awesome job subbing so many downtown shows. Really appreciate it alot. ^^. Btw, the subs for Gobu Gobu - Hamada's Favorite Stuff in Osaka part 3 and 4 are not working and require a decrpyt key.

  6. I am glad that I found your blog.

  7. Thanks for sending this message.


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